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The Swedish Moose - King of The Forest

Our products:






Exotic paper made of moose droppings.
Size: 9x14 cm      3,6 x 5,6"

The paper is slightly brown and has a scent of bark.

It has a beautiful texture with visible fragments of wood and bark.

The moose droppings are sterile. We have done a lab test of the paper and it shows no bacteria content.

Because moose are browsers (eating from bush tops) instead of grazers, the droppings are pure cellulose.
Cellulose is the raw material in Moose Paper.

Our sun dried Moose Paper is a natural product made of moose droppings.

The exotic Moose Paper is an exclusive product handcrafted by Cariann of Sweden.

The unique and sensational product has been admired all over the world.
Each Moose Paper gets a stamp which certifies that the paper is a natural product and made of moose droppings picked in the deep forests of Northern Sweden.