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About us


I grew up on a farm with cows and pigs.

I began working at a hospital in the surgery section when I was 17 years old and worked there for many years.

After 20 years I felt it was time to do something else, so I started working at a museum.
In summer it was excavation work, we dug for things from the Iron Age, and during the winter I worked in the workshop hall, logging in our findings.

I am really interested in technology and computers so I educated myself and became a computer-technician. 

10 years ago I moved with my family to the countryside again.
Here I am still living with the nature around the corner.




I grew up on a farm.
I went to agriculture school and worked many years with pigs and cows.

10 years ago, my technical interest took over.
I studied to become a
and got a job as a service technician, installing and serving milking robots. (Lely Astronaut)

It was very cool to see the surprised faces of the farmers when I came to fix their robots.

Most of them did not expect a woman to do that.

After my youngest son was born, I wanted to be home more with my family.

So I quit the job and here I am today.

We are located in Northern Sweden.
As we live close to the forest it feels right to search for primary products there.

We are a bit cautious when we wander about.
We donít want to disturb the big animals, what if we  are suddenly standing eye to eye with a big moose!

Itís a great feeling when we see our Moose Paper taking shape, from moose droppings to a well-crafted product.

We work with nature, on natures own terms.
A handicraft we take pride in.