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The Swedish Moose - King of The Forest

Moose fur

A moose can swim for up to two hours and as far as twelve miles at a speed of up to 10 km/h (6 mph).
It can even dive down to 13,12 feet (4 m).

A moose's ability to swim comes from its hairs being hollow and filled with air. If you shave a moose bald, it will have great trouble keeping itself up in water.

We have heard that the moose fur during the summer gets oily. This oil works as a natural mosquito- and parasite protection. There has been some studies that show improvement on human skin disorders. The trouble is how to extract the oil from the moose fur.
Unfortunatily, when we get hold of the moose fur, the fur is no longer oily.

Birch root

Mankind has been using birch root way back in time.
Even the people back in the stoneage used it for making tools and in their everyday use.
Nowadays its almost a forgotten material.

We use the birch root around our tuft of moose fur as a tribute to this useful material, that nature has given us.
We hope that we in this way can help preserving this old tradition.

In the spring, when the birch is filled with sap, we dig a few feet away from the birch. We donīt have to dig so deep.
Here we find the thin roots.
The length of each root is depending on how dry the soil is.
If the soil is very dry, the birch has to send its roots further out to seek the water.

We then clean the roots by rubbing them through a jute sack to remove the thin brown bark.

The birch root is like an extremely strong cord.
We just soak it in water for a couple of hours, then it gets bendable and easy to work with.
Its important to split the root in half.
That can be a rather frustrating challenge before you get the right skill, but you have to work fast, the root dries quickly.

The birch root can be soaked endless times. Just let the leftovers dry and you can use them the next time. It never goes bad!