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The Swedish Moose - King of The Forest

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The front of the locket is filled with Swedish Moosehair.
 Diameter: 41 mm    

On the backside a poem with a tribute to the moose. See below:
Giant dweller of forest and marsh-land,
I face a time of uncertainty.
Fill me with your confidce, your wisdom.
Teach me when to speak and when to be silent.
Help me find a point of balance and harmony.
That success may be mine in honor.

From the King of the Swedish Forest, a prosperity charm that improves self-esteem and assertiveness.

The moose is one of the most ancient and powerful symbols of strength in the animal world. The adult male can stand 7 feet tall and weigh 1200 pounds. Male moose bellow loudly during mating and can be heard over 6 miles away. The moose is courageous and determined and will make its presence know when it chooses to.

In spite of its great size and power the moose also has the uncanny ability to camouflage itself. It can move quickly and silently through its territory and never be seen. The ancients thought the moose became invisible changing its shape whenever it could.

When you see a moose in the wild the energy it embodies is awesome. The massive antlers that crown its head grow larger then any other antlered animal. Ancient myth refers to these antlers as "The Crown of Courage."

Contradicting and majestic the moose can appear awkward as well as graceful. Its highly developed sense of smell and hearing is complimented by its excellent depth perception. Its appearance of ungainliness is misleading and deceptive and it is this deception, which enables it to survive so well.

The moose Prosperity Charm brings the power of self-esteem. It is through moose that we are able to recognize our wisdom, and that knowledge allows us to accept the recognition that we deserve.